Friday, September 08, 2006

Little Angels

The Little Angels eluded me twice before I got to see them, once I have already described and I think the second time was also at the cliffs but I can’t be sure. Rick and I finally got to see them play at Hammersmith Odeon as it was called then, we bought the tickets on the day and were told they only had restricted view tickets, seeing as we had travelled all the way into London to see the guys we took them and went to the pub for a bit, after the doors opened we had a rather pleasant surprise, yes the seats did have a slightly restricted view but THEY WERE IN THE FRONT FUCKING ROW, how cool was that. Not only did we get to be at the front the show was filmed for their Big Bad Video, yes I did buy it and yes you can see us, I was the only twat in bloody Hammersmith with a white t-shirt on (what was I thinking).

I recently found the tour shirt tucked away in a carrier bag, and guess what, it was white(ish)
Another band I was gutted to see split, I owned the first two albums and never got round to buying the third, I had Don’t Prey For Me on cassette which died a horrible chewy death in my brother personal stereo, and Young Gods is on vinyl. Something else to add to the wish list.

I read members of the band went on to do some good stuff, like Skunk Anansie and also things that should be punishable with death like managing Boyzone and Ronan Keating. Toby Jepson is now doing solo stuff so I may look out for him if he ever plays locally.

I think this band concludes those that I term as seaside rock.

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