Friday, September 08, 2006

The Almighty

I was introduced to the Almighty (the band not God) in 1991 when I saw them play at the Cliffs, I bought the ticket without having a clue what they sounded like and none of my friends knew them either. We did get a taste before the gig when their video was shown on the Friday rock show on itv, I don’t remember what the show was called though it was hosted by some bloke called Masher or Krusher or something suitably “ROCK”.

Live they were fantastic, even without knowing most of their set; they came across a bit like Motorhead lite, still quite heavy but easier to follow. A couple of days later I bought Soul Destruction which was the Almighty’s second album, and I loved it, its another that I went back to about a year ago, and last week I purchased Wild and Wonderful which is a compilation of stuff up to ’94, they do a fantastic cover of the Sex Pistol’s Bodies and Keep On Rocking In The Free World is always brilliant no matter who does it. Again I lost track of the Almighty as my tastes changed around ’92-‘93

It was only very recently that I discovered Ricky Warwick (check out his cover of Running Free)the lead singer had been a bassist for New Model Army, if I had known that back in 1992 then I would probably followed them through to today. New Model Army is something of a mild obsession with me but I’ll cover that later.

P.S. the support at the gig was Junkyard (its shite)

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