Tuesday, May 15, 2007

current listening

Tigertailz – bezerk
Guns’n’roses – appetite for destruction
Velvet revolver – contraband
w.a.s.p. – last command
aerosmith – pump
Nirvana – nevermind
wolfsbane – down fall all the good guys
kerrang – under the influence
britny fox – boys in heat
Thunder – backstreet symphony
w.a.s.p. – live ….in the raw
helloween - keeper of the seven keys part ii


Anonymous said...

Velvet Revolver are great...

Metal Mark said...

Lately I have been listening to:
Lots of Megadeth
Lots of Tigertailz
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry
Priestess-Hello, Master
Vains of Jenna
Cinderella-Long cold winter