Saturday, February 03, 2007

the next generation

So the next bunch of rock fans is with us. Last weekend was my mums 60th birthday, it involved a small gathering of family who though all live locally rarely see each other (we are very close). To my amusement it seems all the kids between 12 and 16 are EMO . My daughter, my cousins two kids and my youngest cousin were all dressed the part, converse shoes, fall out boy wrist bands, skulls and whatnot every where. What’s really funny is that none of them talked to each other, all related , all into the same music and each to their own misery bubble, one for each corner of the room so to speak.

I discovered my cousin(of the two kids) was also not so square as I had believed, I thought his closest relationship to rock was listening to queen or dire straits but he surprised me by gloating he is of to see muse later this year and saw green day last year. Bastard.

I like muse, or at least I like their latest album, it’s like the bastard lovechild of black Sabbath and queen doing the sound track to a spaghetti western set on mars. In fact I would say it’s my most listened to CD at the moment.

Just before Christmas I managed to get hold of another Wolfsbane CD, massive noise injection is one fucking funny live album, as a rule I don’t normally do live albums but Blaze Bailey’s dialogue with the crowd is just brilliant, who else can threaten to kill members of the audience if they don’t start dancing?

Getting back to my daughter, almost 13 and developing into quite the rock fan, she came down stairs on Christmas day in a Nirvana t-shirt, black converse and a tatty pair of jeans; it was like 1992 all over again. This week she has been trying to dye her hair purple or red, instead she just managed to make a mess of the bathroom, she has also started to buy kerrang (which saves me from having to do it) and is now stealing some of my more contempory CD’s (funny enough not the Wolfsbane though).

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