Thursday, October 19, 2006

T-shirt rant

I know I may have covered this ground before but this has to be said. The t-shirt is more than just an item of clothing to the metaller; it’s a statement of who you are. The t-shirt will not only tell somebody what band you like it will also give hints about the wearer’s personality, his tastes and possibly his age.

Why is this important you say, well last night a girl walks into my work place wearing a spangely ac/dc t-shirt, tight jeans, leather jacket and a fucking I’m a princess hair style. Basically she was dressed as a retro metaller but with some glaring wrongness that is hard to define but still tangible. It was obvious that she was chav as soon as she spoke, the spangleness of the t-shirt went a long way to giving it away as did the dirty clean look she had (as opposed to the clean dirty look or the dirty dirty look), and the hair was all wrong but what most offended me was the total disregard for the appreciation of he band in question.
Retro rock t-shirt have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, no student is without his or her Led Zeppelin or (urgh, I have an issue here but that’s another story) Ramones t-shirt, and the number of Motorhead t-shirts in circulation has never been higher. Earlier in the day another person had come to my attention wearing a t-shirt with the words GOTHIC printed across it in gold letters, gold for fuck sake, anybody into Goth from any era would know that it should be silver or white letters and there are all sorts of t-shirts now available from Primark that pretend to be antique tour shirts from some forgotten festival.

IT PISSES ME OFF, if you want the look then listen to the music

Rant over


Aging indie kid/emo said...

I agree, I think the T shirt should be the mark of a true fan, until it reaches a certain stage of deteriation, when it show that fan as being, A overly sentimental*, B very skint and thus unable to buy new clothes, or C a skanky bastard wash it, I know it means a lot, and it may not survive. some of the same moral problems can occur with jeans, and some hidious jeans using the words punk and rock, have been seen enblasened in glitter or sequins GGGGggggRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

* may have come up with new term "sentimetal" meaning to be nostalgic towards ROCK and the times surounded by it, started as a typo.

johnny said...

I believe the skankiness of the t-shirt is the mark of the true fan, and not some fly by night bandwagon jumping upstart fashion victim whos just an image pimping bastard.

not that Ifeel that strongly about it(hmmm)