Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm sure I had this poster
Because of Blaze Baileys defection to Iron Maiden I more or less new the fate of Wolfsbane. Simon and I first came across them on mtv’s headbangers ball (a neighbour taped it for us) in 1989 and he went and bought Live Fast, Die Fast and taped it for me (I still have the tape and its got Whitesnake on the other side but lets not talk about that), a few years later I bought Down Fall All The Good Guys. Again the arrival of alternative rock blinded me to the release of the other albums, that and the fact nobody else could stand them.

I was disappointed when Bailey joined Maiden ('94 or '95?)for two reasons, first, even though by this point I had stopped listening to Maiden, I thought Bruce Dickinson was an integral part of the Maiden sound and without him would not work, and second I lamented the passing of Wolfsbane. Unseemly ambition had destroyed yet another great band.

Live Fast, Die Fast appealed to the teenage me because it relished in the difference between us, the metallers and them, the mainstream.
Downfall All The Good Guys worked at a slightly more thoughtful level but both albums were about booze so that was good, I’ll have to try and track down the others to see what they’re like.

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