Thursday, August 24, 2006

it begins

Somewhere along the way I lost my metalness. I’m not sure exactly where but I have a suspicion. But that’s not important, what’s important is I have found it again.
But lets start at the beginning

Sometime in late 1988 or early 1989 while staying up far too late watching TV I discovered a little ditty called paradise city (where the girls are green and the…..) by a band called guns’n’roses. So what you might say, so what indeed. I came from a musically starved home, my parents never let me watch top of the pops until they divorced in 87, mum never listened to anything other than radio four and dads record collection consisted of a shadows LP, two Jim Reeves records, somebody called Dana and some James Galway, oh and one Bob Dylan single he apparently stole from my aunt. My own music collection up till this point was limited to Complete Madness and the Top Gun soundtrack, so that’s what.

Back to guns’n’roses. My idea of rock and heavy metal at the time was a dark, dark place, all satanic and hairy, everything my parents despised and I was not the rebelling type, the thought that I might actually like a metal band was frightening, so I suppressed it.

Summer 1989 my mum forced me to get a job over the summer holidays, it was here that I hooked up with a mate from school I hadn’t seen for a year and discovered he was into Iron Maiden, I asked and he gave. Number of the Beast. Can a tape change your life? It was also about the same time I stated to hang about with a guy called Simon who I met through a mutual arsehole and he was also getting into Maiden, I was trapped, with only each other for company we started our journey into mayhem.

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