Monday, August 28, 2006

Gig time

So autumn is almost upon us and I feel the need to go to a gig.
The general consensus is that it should be a boy’s night out, so we need to pick something our wives and girlfriends will not like or at least are indifferent.
This limits the choice considerably, here is what’s left:
Motorhead 25/11
Papa roach 02/10 (iffy)
Graham Coxon 25/10 (my missus likes him though)
Lordi 31/10 (come on you know you would)
Jet 08/11 (my missus again)
Thunder 22/11 (again iffy)
Lost prophets 09/12
New model army 17/12 (seen four times already but they fookin’ rock)
Iron maiden 22/12 (seen twice but brilliant)

So there you go, I fancy Motorhead myself.
W.A.S.P. are touring the country in the same period but not playing anything in London which is our nearest place likely to host a decent show, gutted.

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