Thursday, August 24, 2006

losing my metalness

Wikipedia defines heavy metal as “a thick, heavy, guitar-and-drums-centered sound, characterized by the use of highly-amplified distortion”. That works for me. I never quite got my head round all the subtle differences between the subgenres, I was probably the only New Model Army fan who listened to Motley Crue and the only Levelers( I know its not metal) fan who listened to Rammstein. Im not saying I liked everything, I don’t, I only play Slayer when I want people to leave.

Sometime around 1993 or 94 everybody’s taste seemed to diversify, one started to listen almost exclusively to the Doors (why I don’t know), another sold his CD collection to fund his partying lifestyle, others drifted away or got so fucked up we wanted nothing to do with them. It was during this period that I think I lost my metalness.
Late ’92 I moved out of mums and into the wide wide world, the next 18 months are somewhat fuzzy but by February ’94 I had started to listen to indie, drunk through my savings and become a father. I think I lost at the beginning of this period not at the end, because I also lost my indieness at the end. Losing my indieness was entirely the fault of Oasis, bastards, I fucking hate Brit pop for what it did to the alternative music scene, and it put so many of us out of touch we never got back in.

Becoming a father never really had an impact on my music taste until recently, my daughter now being a twelve year old Emo/grunger/goth type has rekindled my interest while I try in vain to explain where her music comes from (she refuses to listen to the Ramones). Now I have discovered that most of the collection I amassed between ’89 and ’94 is unplayable or inaccessible, my record deck is packed away in a cupboard somewhere and most of my tapes are beyond reach in some dark recess. I have made a vow; I work near an HMV, its time to update.

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