Tuesday, April 10, 2007

on this day

in 1970 Paul McCartney said that he's bought the film rights to Rupert the Bear.

in 1982 Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast is UK LP no. 1

in 1912 the Titanic set out on its maiden voyage

1849 saw the patent for the safety pin

1994, over 5,000 fans attended a US public memorial service for Kurt Cobain at Seattle Flag Pavilion

and in 2007 I had to drink a pint of guinness from a plastic "glass" in A PUB, what is the world coming to?


aging emo said...

unless there is a band playing, plastic cups are most unwelcome, also you have now tanted this site with paul mcartney, you will need some serious anti pop software, to stop any infection to other files, also don't you think you sould appologise, like now.

johnny said...