Saturday, October 18, 2008

117° - Izzy Stradlin

As I sit here on this cold October night, wearing two t-shirts and a woolly hat (indoors) I believe it is time to follow up on one of my latest Izzy Stradlin purchases. Now I like a bargain as much as the next person but this one rocks in its own right.117° goes for fairly large sums on Amazon, over £25 the last time I looked but a while back I got it for £4.26 including postage. What’s more it is a very pleasant listen.
Released in 1998 it now seems lost in the great musical archives in the sky, a nice laid-back album that you can do all manner of none strenuous tasks too.
This is now one of my favourite kitchen albums, also good for sitting at the computer and relaxing in the bath, not challenging, just good old rock and roll.
It’s a pity all his more recent releases have all been on i-tunes, I think CDs are much nicer, that tactile element is important (well it is to me) as is the ritual of placing the disc in the player, flipping through the little booklet (even if its only once) are all part of the experience.
Of all the post guns’n’roses stuff I have heard so far this is definitely my favourite.

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