Monday, August 13, 2007


A very recent acquisition Rammstein’s 2005 album Rosenrot.
My daughter and I have differing opinions on this one, she prefers the older stuff while I think it is the best of the three that I have. Her argument that it lacks the heaviness of the previous albums ( we (I)have Herzeleid and Mutter) but like most “yoof” she judges things by other standards, the ironic thing is she will probably end up listening to indie pop as she gets into her college years.
The best track on here in my opinion has to be Stirb Nicht Vor Mir//Don't Die Before I Do which features Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri, a haunting little ballad sung in both German and English it certainly appeals to my darkness.

Rammstein’s appeal is the aggressive ambience it creates, a sort of nameless anger almost, perfect for cycling through woodlands too. My word of advice to any non-German speakers (like myself) is to leave the translations well alone, they spoil the effect, and something is always lost in translation.
I'd like to leave you with a video shot durin their tour of Legoland.

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