Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the weather

Looks like we are having a typical English summer. Or should I say a traditional English summer, a typical English summers seem to be hot and dry, where a traditional English summer is cold and wet.
Not that I mind the rain, as Jeremy Paxman says in his book The English, A Portrait of a People the sky is the landscape for the English(or something to that effect).
Last night the sky look particularly spooky weird, it was about eleven o’clock and the lower level clouds drifting north to south were under lit by the sun now set well beyond the horizon giving them a dark dirty yellow colour. Above that much higher up and moving from west to east you could make out the storm clouds completely black, not cloud black but more an absence of light. Beyond the storm clouds was the night sky, a dark greyish blue without any stars. All this time the wind was picking up pace and wiping around and changing direction every 30 seconds or so. Eerie but cool.

I like the weather we get in the Britain and I really do not know why the locals complain. I have been rained on in every nation in the isles and I still enjoy it (except in Leeds where it sucks)

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